Privacy Statement

The Eviction Defense Tool is made by EDLA (Eviction Defense Los Angeles). When using this tool, you will be asked for some personal information about yourself and what is happening to you. This information will be used to defend you in an eviction case. We will only use your data to create the documents to file in order to contest your eviction, to file those documents with the court, and to follow up if those documents get rejected by the court.

By using this tool, you will grant access to your file to the EDLA support team in order to file your legal paperwork, and support you through the process. If the court rejects your legal paperwork, we will also share your file with volunteers who have agreed to help tenants with rejected cases. We will keep a copy of your data to fight your case for the duration of time required to file the legal paperwork and conclude the case. At anytime, you may request that we delete your file and data by emailing

Additionally, if you consent, we will share your landlord’s name, the address your landlord is trying to evict you from, your landlord’s “complaint” in their eviction filing, and the legal defenses you select, with EDLA-affiliated tenant organizations, legal aid organizations, and anti-eviction researchers. We will use this information to inform our housing justice work, for example, to: find super-evictor-landlords and slumlords, negotiate repairs, fight for rent cancellation, and identify winnable large legal cases against landlords.

Finally, if you consent, we will also share your contact information with tenant and legal aid organizations to link you with tenant rights groups in your area, and share additional resources to fight your eviction.

Your data will be stored in a secure and encrypted database on an EDLA server. We will not share your data without your consent.