Are you facing eviction in Los Angeles County?

You are not alone! Hundreds of thousands of households here in LA are facing eviction too. Alone we are vulnerable, but together we are powerful. Let's work together to stop evictions, cancel rent, lower rent going forward, and improve our living conditions.

We are in this together. This is how it works:

Step 1: Gather your Documents and Answer some questions

Have you received any notices from your landlord? A 15-day notice, 30-day notice, a 3-day notice, or court papers (A Summons and a Complaint-Unlawful Detainer)? Or are you just worried about eviction? With your consent, this tool gathers basic information about your eviction situation in order to link you with legal resources, tenants’ rights groups, and to inform our housing justice work including collective action campaigns.

Step 2: File a Legal Defense to Eviction

Have you received a Summons and Complaint-Unlawful Detainer? If so, you must file a legal response with the Court within 5 days (not counting weekends or holidays), or you can be evicted without any hearing. Is the Complaint-Unlawful Detainer on pre-printed form? If not, we cannot (yet) help you file your Answer, but we link you to other legal resources. If the Complaint-Unlawful Detainer is on a pre-printed form, you will answer some basic questions about your home, how you’ve been impacted by COVID, and other information that provides a defense to eviction. This tool uses your answers to generate the legal paperwork. You review, print and sign your copy, and we submit it to the court electronically. If you don’t qualify for a waiver of the court fees, you will need to file the documents yourself. Don’t worry. We’ll explain everything as we go.

What is Eviction Defense LA?

Eviction Defense LA is a collaborative effort between the Debt Collective, Bocoup, anti-eviction lawyers including Inner City Law Center, the Los Angeles Tenants’ Union, and the Anti Eviction Mapping Project. We designed this tool to fight evictions, keep people in their homes, and build the collective power of tenants. Together, we have the power not only to fight back against the system, but to change it

Know your rights

All Tenants have the right to live in a home that is both safe and sanitary.

A landlord cannot lock you out, remove your belongings, shut off your utilities, forcibly enter your home without notice or harass you into leaving your home. If the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you, new laws may protect you from eviction.

Woman rising a sign that reads En la unión está la fuerza (Strentgh is within unity)

How we use and protect your personal data


When using this tool, you will be asked for some information about your eviction. We will use this information to file a legal defense and follow up in your eviction case. This tool also has the potential to build tenant power and support social justice organizing. With your consent, we would like to share some of your information with social justice organizations including the LA Tenants Union and the Debt Collective, and with researchers devoted to challenging inequality and supporting housing justice. You will have the opportunity to decide on consent when you use the tool.


This Tool is being provided as a free public service and we have done our best to insure that it works for all users as they intend. However, we cannot guarantee that the documents this Tool generates and that we may attempt to file electronically on your behalf will be accepted by the Court before the deadline for filing (5 business days after service of the Summons and the Complaint-Unlawful Detainer). If your documents are not accepted by the Court as timely filed, you are at risk of losing your case by default. By using this Tool, you agree to assume the risk that your documents will not be timely filed or accepted. If you do not want to accept that risk, you can print out the documents and file them with the Court in person at the courthouse identified in the Summons and Complaint before the courthouse closes on the 5th business day after your were served with the Summons and Complaint.

Eviction Defense LA is an effort from:

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